How It Works

Set Up the App

Set Up the App

1. Open "VR Site Tour" mobile app

2. Swipe though to read welcome introduction, and press "Get Started" on the final slide

3. Log in using your Control Center 8 Username and Password

4. Select a Project

5. Swipe through the "Project Setup" instructions

6. Allow VR Site Tour access "Location", "Camera", "Photos" and "Motion & Fitness" to utilize all features and benefits

Connect to your 360° Camera Kit

Connect to your 360° Camera Kit

1. Turn on the Camera by pressing the power button.

2. Turn on the Wireless Function by pressing the Wi-Fi button on your camera

3. Go to Wi-Fi Settings on your mobile phone. Make sure Wi-Fi on your smart device is turned on and select the Camera from the list (example: THETAXS00001017.OSC).

4. Enter the password, which is the numbers within the camera name (example: THETAXS00001017.OSC).

5. Connection is complete

Take Photos

Take Photos

1. Go to the location to which you will photograph.

2. Aim Camera North using the compass.

3. Level the Camera using the bubble level.

4. Remove yourself from the shot.

5. Tap the white shutter button

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